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CCF Cheetah Outreach Trust

Cheetah Outreach Trust is a non-for-profit conservation organisation dedicated to the protection of the free-ranging cheetah and the stability of cheetahs held in captivity as an assurance population.  The work of the Cheetah Outreach Trust is focused in four key areas: environmental education, reduction of wildlife-human conflict through applied and effective in situ (field-based) strategies, advocacy for the elimination of illegal trade and research.  Our organization embodies this holistic approach to the conservation of this endangered, flagship African predator.

Cheetah Outreach operates from its home in the Western Cape of South Africa, where we provide a tourism, visitor based opportunity as well as hosting on-site curriculum linked educational activities for learners and teachers.


Donations to date

R 23 976.88

Fundraising target

R 102 000.00

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wild wonders

for Deons work

Jo Hedge

A little more to help


So blessed to be able to give to these amazing beautiful animals through Cheetah Outreach

Sarah Butler

Please send tax receipt

Jessica Bettencourt

Happy Holiday to Jessica Bettencourt (and "our" cheetah, Romeo) with Aloha from Candace Jacobsen

Erik Jacobsen

Happy Holiday to Erik Jacobsen (and "our" Cheetah, Romeo) with Love and Aloha from your Mum, Candace Jacobsen

GOODSURE Brokers (Pty) Ltd

Donation in lieu of annual Theatre on the Bay fundraiser ticket purchase

Goodsure supports Cheetah Outreach
Dee Schoultz

Thank you for your efforts in keeping the cheetahs and other animals safe during this time.

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22 Jan 2021 USD $ 714
10 Jan 2021 USD $ 346
09 Jan 2021 USD $ 196
11 Dec 2020 USD $ 125
10 Dec 2020 USD $ 34