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Hi everyone my name is Chere

Dis is my uncles story 7 years ago he had his own hair salon hy was doing well. He moved to London with his wife and kids to have a give his kids a better future. Wen they where there for a year his or more his wife divorced him.Hy came back to south Africa to start over but he got sick and had to go in for a emergency  surgery to save his life. So he was not able to work for a long time. He had to live on the money he had and had, he went and look for work in Capetown,but with no luck he ended up on the street. So a guy found him and told him he can stay in a storage room but he has to look after the place and clean. So he does that but he has got no food to eat and no money to buy. I am asking please help him to get back to his brother and sister in Gauteng

Thank you all for your support I really appreciate it very much



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