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A single mom who lost everything Campaign

My name is Cherize Jephta. Iam was a housewife and mother of a 3 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. My Husband passed away on the 15th of December 2023. We had no insurance policies so I had to make loeans to give my husband a funeral. As of now I have no income whatsoever. Iam currently a 3rd year B.ed student and which is paid for by NSFAS.

Iam now in between homes with my children. I cant afford to get get a place of our own. I also now sit with the problem of repaying the loans I made for the funeral as well as living, feeding my children and sending my son to a preschool to a preschool. 

I am desperately in need of assistance just to survive until I can find a job and start providing for my children myself.

Please if anyone can find it in their hearts to make any donations just to help me and my choldren survive until I find a job. Next year I will qualify from my B.ed studies and then atleast I will be in a better position to provide for my children.


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R 50 000.00

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