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I have never personally met Cheryl Lyn however her work speaks for itself, the passion she has for rescuing defenseless animals who do not know the meaning of a "peaceful abuse free" life is truly admirable. I do not know how long Cheryl has been doing this work for neither do I know where she finds the strength on a daily basis to go out and rescue these animals who are at most times malnourished, tortured and so severely dehydrated and flea-infested yet she does it, she puts on a brave face and goes into areas where she risks not only her sanity yet her LIFE just to rescue an animal in need. 

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Donor Messages

Jacqui Lipschitz
Donated in honour of my birthday (10 September) by Wayne Lipschitz
Cheryl Campbell

Thank you for all you do

Cheryl Lynn you inspire me.
Guy De Cafmeyer
Good luck
Blessings to you for all you do...
Please help this amaaaazing smanimal saviour
Shannon Spaans
Thank you for all that you do, you are amazing and don't give up! Let's share this tenfold!
From one rescuer to another, I know how hard it is keep up the good work. We cannot safe them all but we can try and make a difference and hopefully inspire more people to do the same.
Helen Lombard
Thank you so much for everything you do for animals

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Jacqui Lipschitz donated USD $ 49 via Cheryl Lyn
09 Sep 2021 USD $ 49
Guy De Cafmeyer donated R 100 via Cheryl Lyn
03 Sep 2021 R 100
Grizzley donated R 500 via Cheryl Lyn
02 Aug 2021 R 500
Shannon Spaans donated R 300 via Cheryl Lyn
02 Aug 2021 R 300
Anonymous donated USD $ 73 via Cheryl Lyn
30 May 2021 USD $ 73