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Child Welfare SA Kempton Park

Brief description / Overview of charity

Child Welfare Kempton Park is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in 1966 and located in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni Metropolis. The core mandate of the organisation is child protection; mainly serving children (0 - 12 years old), who are abused, abandoned, neglected and exposed to various forms of exploitation. This includes child trafficking, prostitution, drug and substance abuse and using children as drug mules. Some of these children end up with unwanted pregnancy which is one of the contributors to child abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Funding proposal

To operate opimally and efficiently, the organisation needs the following:

  • Twelve (12) new laptops and one (1) desk top

Laptops currently used by staff are old and break from time to time which ends up with a high cost of repairs and draining the already streched out financial resources of the organisation.The new laptops will also enable staff to capture information accurately and to compile professional reports. Without technology the organisation will not be able to operate competitively. 

  • One (1) vehicle 

We currently have 3 vehicles, 2 of which are old and no longer in good condition thus costly to maintain. We therefure urgently require an additional vehicle with a low fuel consumption (preferrably a Sedan or any reliable low maintenance vehicle). This will enable Social Workers to attend to crisis cases within the shortest turnaround time thus  saving the children concerned from further harm. The organisation handles about 2 to 3 crisis cases per day and at times do not have vehicles to rush to the incident scene or carry out the statutory court procedures within the specified time frames.

  • Sewing machines

It was identified during the needs analysis with the community/family members participating in the outreach program that seven (7) members were interested in the sewing project as an income –generating project and to reduce unemployment as well as up-skilling the people, to promote self reliance. There were also others who were interested in other projects such as cooking, baking and doing birthday cards etc.

In this proposal we want to focus much on the sewing project as it was a need expressed by the majority of people who wanted to participate in it.

Where will the Project take place?

The project will take place in the offices of Child Welfare Kempton Park for safety of the equipments and for the space that will allow members to move around freely.

Items required:

Other requirements:

  • Curtains
  • Bedding and cushions
  • Toilet sets
  • African Attire
  • Aprons
  • Peg bags, etc
  • Food Garden Project 

Project background

CWKP has 430 sq meter land sub contracted to them by the Ekurhuleni Municipality. The organisation wishes to make these projects viable and provide skills to unemployed persons enabling them to be self sustainable in the future. Mentors will be sought from farming and other agricultural companies including the Department of Environmental Affairs to train and mentor participants in this programme.


In Nelson Mandela's words; "The true character of society is revealed at how it treats its children". CWKP is therefore committed to saving the lives of children from any form of harm which among others, includes sexual abuse. To that end we appeal to anyone to heed our call for help and embrace the old adadge which says; "Children are raised by a community".

This will benefit the 2000 children that are currently served by our organisation within Kempton Park and the neighbouring Informal Settlements. Any form of sponsorship or donation (cash or kind), will be accepted; for us, "little is more". In case of need, we are prepared to present a detailed funding proposal (with budgets), including our organisational profile. We would also welcome a visit to our organisation. The organisation operates from Monday to Friday (08h00 - 16h00) and our emergency contact number is: 078 453 6194.

Associated Projects

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