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At Children in Distress we have been building up the poor Mpumalanga community in the Mgandusweni, Jerusalem, Cho-cho-cho, Chewni, Kabokweni and Phelandaba areas since 1989. It costs only R1,60 daily to provide them with one nutritious meal. If you can make a donation of R60 per month, it means that you are sending one less hungry child to bed at night. These children only have access to clean water once weekly and rely on people like us to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. By sourcing money, food & clothing, we ensure that the lives of these orphans are impacted and improved both physically and mentally. Our aim is to increase the number of disadvantaged children we aid and provide a better future. We have a vision of teaching these children and educating them to make a success of their lives. Our current aim: We would like to provide each child with a daily meal for one entire year. The cost of one meal per child per day is R1,60. To provide 600 Children with a meal a day for 12months, would cost R 357,120.00. A mere R60 per month for us, is not a lot of money and together we can reach the target and feed all these children. Please help us feed, clothe and educate these children. Your R60 will make the difference between starvation and living.

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