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CHANCE Children’s Home & Nurturing Centre in Dunnottar accommodates 90 children between the ages of 0 – 18 years.  Children are placed here by a Commissioner of the Children’s Court for either a short while for safe keeping while the children’s court investigation in terms of the Child Care Act 74/83 is still underway pending the final children’s court order; or for a long term placement that could be until the child reaches the age of 18 years.  All children in CHANCE were placed by court order.


Currently CHANCE accommodates 90 children of whom 40 children are HIV/AIDS positive.

The reasons why the children were found in need of care in terms of the Child Care Act 74/83 vary.  Many children are orphans, some were abandoned by their parents and some were neglected or physically/sexually abused.  The majority were exposed to circumstances which may harm the well-being to the child, by their parents / caregivers.

Children are accommodated in “homes” with 8-10 beds and each child has his/own locker.  Each home has a child care worker on duty (working shifts) who takes care/responsibility for each child I the “home.” 

 While the children are in CHANCE all their individual needs are taken care of.  A qualified sister/nurse takes care of the HIV/AIDS children by monitoring their health, administering their medication (ARV) and taking them to the local clinic for medication and check-ups.  Children are transported to the clinic by public transport or by staff member’s private vehicles.  CHANCE is equipping a special needs classroom for the ill children who cannot attend school, where they can continue their education.

Considering their educational needs, the children at CHANCE attend 4 different schools.  Learners at Olympia Park School, Springs Technical School and Felicitas School have to be transported to school.

The menu is approved by the Department of Health and includes 5 daily healthy meals for HIV/AIDS children.  All learners receive a lunch box to school.

On Sundays local church denominations attend to the spiritual needs of the children.

Only a few children receive visits from their parents / relatives and very few children visit their parents/relatives during school holidays. The ultimate goal is to recover the children in the care of their parents of to place them in foster care of relatives/friends.  Orphans can be adopted by screened adoptive parents. 

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