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Better Solutions For Neighborhoods 67899 Campaign

I really need a little help here. Please GOD.

As an unemployed individual hoping to have succeeded by now, can I no longer hold on.

I had a vision some years ago, given our current situation in South Africa with the poor support government is rendering to our local neighborhood communities.

  • Having said that, means that we deal with an ongoing crisis never to end and worsen by the day. Illegal drug abuse in our communities that destroy our youth, leaving families broken.
  • Ward councillors do not perform well enough to combat real issues and concerns that effects the community.
  • The poor are left alone and have to deal with the increasing food prices (Inflation).
  • Unemployment has taken its toll, and education has made thousands of unemployed individuals give up hope, because all jobs are predominantly been advertised through recruitment agencies. We all know that not all of us are graduates, grade 12 etc. The market is sole for those who made it, leaving the poor uneducated stranded.

  • Most of the pensioners have to pay rent, living in back rooms. If only they could be subsidies or, furthermore, urgently placed in RDP Homes. Old age homes are usually a last resort and are circumstantially,  

There is more, but the above are some highlights.

When God gave me this vision, I immediately pursued, never to know I will still be doing it today. 

I do however managed to establish a Social & Collaboration Hub for local neighborhood communities. This serves as a playground to solve most of the above internally by means of collaborating efforts, hoping local government (Ward Councillors) can put forward better proposal.  

Please visit eComNet Cloud and read the goals and objectives as remedies how local communities can be transformed.

My financial projection was cut short when I received a cash injection of $100 from a friend in Texas, USA . This was also done by a fundraiser(GoGetFunding) who discontinued their support due to the US Dollar currency being an issue. 
I manage to secure hosting for at least 12 months. 

  • I need to procure some extra modules to deliver a complete solution that fulfil true local community lifestyle, workforce, and proper engagement tools
  • Re-invest back into our service provider, namely UNA.

  • Create stronger relationships between our UNA community

  • I also need to feed myself and can not LY when pray about this. I wish to continue my ongoing development and with the help of other, can this be a possibility.
  • I also need to register an NGO as well a normal Pty(Ltd)
    I also wish to partner with any existing NGO providing for the most needed in local communities. Please write to us at [email protected]
May GOD bless every eye who reads this, and may only He knows how much truth is within this content. 
Any amount will do even if you can donate as from as little as R10, I pray out of grateful heart that GOD will bless you abundantly.
Thank you very much.

Chris Buys


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R 10 000.00

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