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Help for my daughter nervesheath tumours Campaign

My name is Chrislyn Linnet, I come from Cape Town, South Africa and I truly appreciate you taking time to read my story. Im raising funds for my daughter Kiyara Linnett who is 18 years old and currently in Grade 11. Kiyara and myself has been diagnosed with Neurofibramatosis the pure English word is called Nerve Sheath tumours. Tumours that grow on nerves which is very difficult to remove. Kiyara has tumour growth on her spine and on both sides of her brain. These tumors causes a lot of physical pain and can lead to speech and hearing impediments. I got a recommendation of tea that help shrink the tumours and it also have a lot of other good health benefits aswell. Reason for the fundraising is because the tea is a bit pricy and unfortunately we cant afford it because we are not financially stable at the moment. Any money donated will be used to buy the tea to help my daughter fight against this disease, travelling expenses to the hospital and other medication/treatment. Please, any donation is more than welcome and it would be much appreciated. If you arent able to donate at this time please pass this on to other people in your community, family and friends. Thank you so much!


Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 779.77

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Hope you will get all the treatment you need gal, we pray for total healing
Sending lots of love and strength for you and Kiyara 🙏
I wish you all the best of health
Sending healing love x x

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