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Ursula Hoist Campaign

In December 2021, we had the incredible opportunity to take a vacation in Strand, Western Cape. Just before our vacation started, we received the news that another family from Bloemfontein would be joining us, and that's when we first met the Viljoen family.

We all felt a bit anxious initially, unsure about how to approach the situation since Ursula uses a wheelchair. Our first encounter was marked by awkward silences as I struggled to find the right conversation starter. But then, Ursula, with her incredible warmth and spirit, broke the ice in the most unexpected way. She kindly gestured for me to have some of her coffee. At first, I hesitated, thinking I must have misunderstood her. However, her radiant smile and insistence that I take a sip revealed her true intention – her cup was too full, and she didn't want to spill the coffee.

Ursula quickly became not just a fellow traveler, but my new friend, a true gift from above. I've never had the pleasure of meeting a more positive and inspiring person.

Now, Ursula requires a hoist to assist her in getting out of bed in the mornings and back in at night. We are reaching out for help to raise the necessary funds to cover the courier fees needed to transport the hoist from Hillcrest in KZN to Park West, Bloemfontein. Your support in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated and would make a significant difference in Ursula's life.

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