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I am headed to South America to backpack across the continent and write a book.

The idea is to interview people I meet along the way - from taxi drivers to farmers, from school children to elders, locals and foreigners - and put together a collection of their stories. I believe that we all have a story to tell and that every story has the power to inspire and bring change. Any Love Will Do will be a collection of stories that you would never have heard if you didn't hear them from me, stories that will never be a Netflix documentary or Oscar-winning film. Just stories.

The impact of this project can be very huge if it reaches the right audiences (which is what I'm hoping for). Community projects and television interest, financial and professional backing for follow-up books that could have bigger impacts. My dream has always been people and being as close to them as possible, by any means possible.

All donations will go towards the creation of this book and all donors will be thanked in the book and receive copies before the book is publicly available. 
A lot of the travel expenses has already been paid, and I will be volunteering for Worldpackers along the way to cover a lot of accommodations and meals. 

If you know of friends or family throughout South America who are willing to take me in and show me around that will also be appreciated.

I acknowledge that it is extremely arrogant to ultimately ask people to fund my fun, but people have asked for a lot more at the cost of a lot less.

Any Love Will Do is a project of love, hope, risk and inspiration. It is a dream that burns brighter than any star.


Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

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R 500.00

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