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Christopher Silk Choir Tour Cause 2020

My Name is Christopher Silk, I am 14 years old and have been accepted into the provincial youth choir. I am desperately wanting to travel to Greece to compete at the Antonio Vivaldi choir competition with my youth choir, the KZN Midlands Youth Choir in July this year. Reaching my target will mean a great deal, as I will be able to represent my province and my country at an international competition. The experience I will gain from this will be amazing, and I know that what I gain, I will be able to bring back and share with future choristers.  

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Donor Messages

Have a great time!
Someone from Scheinfeld
Wishing you luck
The Sparky Family
Congrats & good luck! They’re lucky to have you.
The Schuils
Enjoy the experience Tiffer!
Uncle Penis
No ifs no buts no coconuts
All the best
A push up per rand I’ve given
Erika Hinze

I wish you all the best Christopher and hope that you will be able to join them on the tour.

Ursula und Joachim Roth
Wishing you a safe and blessed tour