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Rudi needs urgent help Campaign

Good day to everybody and i hope you all are blessed 

Here is a little back story 
My brother inlaw went to hospital feeling very unwell and in extreme pain after they did a examination and did some scans they found a stomach ulcer that was already burnt thriugh the stomach lining brother went in for an emergency surgery on his stomach ..after 3 days in an medical induced coma he was woken up but stil did not do so good he was released and ended up in high care once again since then he has been fairing well at home but is bed bound due to a wound vac as seen his wound is not sutured its stil open sp therefor the wound vac 

I come to you all to ask for some help on behalf of him and his wife his work is unfortunetaly no work no pay so there is no finances for his special diet or even to pay rent 

I have decided to start a backabuddy account to help them financially so they can cover expenses 

I want to thank each and everyone beforehand for reading this and for all donations to come may all be blessed as they bless my brother ♡


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R 100 000.00

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