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Good day. My father was submitted to Eugene Marais after 2 cardiac arrest on the 7th of sep 2023 and discharge again the same day. The next day the hospital called my mom and said they don't know why he was discharged cause he needs to still be in ICU for 2-3 days. As my father is the only one working with no medical cover and my mother don't have the money to keep him in hospital she kept him at home. They diagnosed him with pericatitis and gave him prescription medicine. My mother had to rush him to hospital again because he wasn't looking good. He went for a checkup at Eugene Marais and was admitted again in hospital and discharged the same day again. The hospital sent him to a cardiologist who said he can't sent my father home he is verry worried about him and was busy with the paper work to submit him in Steve Biko cause my mother don't have R30k deposit to submit him in a private hospital and Steve Biko said they can help my father but on the 20th of November 2023.
Can anyone please help us to pay the outstanding medical bills my mother still has to pay

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