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Making dreams come true 63862 Campaign

Hello, I'm Chrisiaan van Rooyen. Up coming gamer and software developer.

I was born with a heart condition on the 7th of January of 1996.

I've always been someone who believes in miracles and achieving things that seem hard or impossible, so luckily for me, I had lots of problems growing up doctors damage my breathing pipe and 2 heart operations later a heart that still leaks.

I believe to be a miracle baby. I liked the sound of that because it aligned so well with my belief that God is always watching over me, protecting me.

I lost my dad at a young age and my mom left me when I was a baby.

In order for my dream to come true I need raise money for the computer I need to help me futher my dream career.

The total cost that I need to do this without any stress is about R45000.

Please if you can assist in any way it will be greatly appreciated.


Fundraising target

R 45 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

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