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Justice for Ria Jansen van Vuuren Campaign

This is my mom Ria Jansen van Vuuren.

On the 18th June 2023 my stepfather killed my mom. He shot her dead with a shotgun. 

At this moment he is out of jail the case is still going on. Welcome to go and search "Vadersdagmoord". We have the right people on this case at this moment so that my mom can get justice. We still have to pay R14500. At this moment i can't pay it so I will need help. I have lost my grandmother on the 30th May and my mom on the 18th June. So I'm not financially stabel at this moment. 

I just don't want my mom to be just a number on the system i want him to pay for what he did. I know nothing will bring my mom back but i will not stand back my mom deserves justice.... 


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