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Car engine repairs Campaign

On December the 22nd of 2023, my mom’s car decided that it doesn’t want to drive anymore. 
The car completely died while I was driving. Repairs has already cost R20000, this is 2 rollback trip cost at R4000 each which equals to R8000, mechanic service fees at R5000, as well as part fees for the gearbox. 
But we need another R15000 for the mechanic to strip, buy and build the engine again.

Please help because we have nothing and we need transport to get to work and home.

We don’t like to hassle and reply family and friends for transport and transport arrangements as it is an inconvenience for them as well. 

My mom owned the car for more than 10 years and to sell it in a non-driving condition will bring in less money than to fix it for.


Fundraising target

R 15 000.00

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