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Community Led Animal Welfare

Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) program brings new hope to impoverished communities where traditional veterinary services are often unavailable. CLAW provides desperately needed veterinary services to dogs and cats, as well as vital animal care education to pet owners in Johannesburg's poorest township areas.

CLAW works closely with community-based organisations, schools, the Department of Agriculture and veterinary services around the city. CLAW distributes food parcels, facilitates a home-based care programme to teach people how to care for the sick and dying, runs food gardens, supports child-headed households and helps communities access health and hospice care.

Donor Messages

Sheralee Scott
Thank you for caring about animals so much & making a difference
Konic Minolta
Thank you for all the great work that your organisation does! Strength to you!!
You guys are amazing!! Keep up the good work!
Thank you for your amazing love for our fury friend ??
I saw the pictures of Belle infested with ticks and was very traumatized. I hope this helps.
Claw does incredible work, I have been there a few times and seen it myself. thank you tarryn and team for all you guys do .
Diana Robertson
Thank you for all the good that you do
Kirsten Keeley
Donated with love ??
Thank you for everything you do.

Activity feed

Sheralee Scott donated R 51 to Community Led Animal Welfare via Meds for CLAW
18 Jul 2018 R 51
Konic Minolta donated R 1 028 to Community Led Animal Welfare via Meds for CLAW
18 Jul 2018 R 1 028
Catlady donated USD $ 79 to Community Led Animal Welfare via Meds for CLAW
11 Jul 2018 USD 79
02 Jul 2018 R 357
donated by Jenny de Bruin to Community Led Animal Welfare
12 Jun 2018 R 206