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Cleft Friends

Closing the gap for Cleft Parents!

Cleft Friend helps parents and children affected by cleft lips and palates by providing support as soon as possible after birth through a parent support group network of moms and dads of cleft children who have the necessary training and hands-on experience. These amazing parents have walked the same road and want to share their stories of hope with others. It is the initial contact with another parent that makes all the difference. It sends a message of hope and relief in a traumatic situation.

Due to perhaps a lack of education and awareness especially in some rural areas - babies are rejected by their communities because they are believed to be “cursed”. These children need to be celebrated as human beings, and not just ostracised because of their condition.

We cannot claim to be healthcare professionals but merely offer alternative professional support in that region. We will always claim to be a friend who has walked a similar path, and we will endeavour to point parents in the right direction to get medical advice in their area. Our vision is to create awareness and educate communities about cleft lips and palates.

Support Workshops are available in Gauteng, Limpopo Province, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and the Free State. Cleft Friends is an official project of the Smile Foundation. Please contact us. We’d love to meet you!

We wholeheartedly stand behind this organisation and the remarkable individuals who run it." Marc Lubner, Executive Chairman/Co-Founder, The Smile Foundation.

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May you be blessed in all that you do for this special cause Helena.