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Assist With Food and Rent Campaign

Hi my name is Clint Elie, father of three boys and husband to a wonderful wife. I was retrenched in July and ever since it has been a struggle to make ends meet. I've been applying for multiple jobs everyday and at this point I've been applying for anything really, just to try to put some food on the table. It has been a hard struggle to do so and just to keep a roof over my family's heads. I just need to cover rent for a few months even if it's directly given to the landlord I don't want the money just peace of mind for my family. Even if someone buys food directly and not give the money it's fine. It's not about the money at all, while I'm trying to find a job to earn a living. Christmas is coming up and I have nothing for my kids. If there is any good Samaritan out there I would really appreciate it. God bless.


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