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Cluny Animal Trust

The Cluny Animal Trust is a veterinary welfare organisation.

The ongoing care of animals is a major part of our work. This involves sterilisation, de-worming, inoculation and preventive measure for ticks and fleas. All veterinary procedures are however available.

We run regular outreaches in our township communities. The range of injuries suffered by animals includes severe wounds inflicted by snares, animal bites (from fights and predator attacks), broken bones etc.

Illnesses found amongst the animals encountered are those that could be avoided by inoculation such as distemper, parvovirus, rabies as well as biliary which could be reduced by tick collars and treatments.

Most importantly, we try to provide owners with all the information that they need to care for their animals properly.

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Wishing your fur babies a warm winter

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For the Feral Cats:-)

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