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In 2017, 63 rangers in Africa lost their lives in the line of duty.  

Not only do rangers face the daily stresses and challenges having to work long hours in difficult conditions protecting our biodiversity, but they constantly face danger. Their family members are often also targeted, which place these wildlife warriors under even more pressure. 

The Safari News team in collaboration with CCFA decided to form an initiative called BackaRanger. The objective of this initiative is to raise much needed funds to support the rangers and their families. Support will come in the form of equipment to assist in couter-poaching initiatives (dogs, torches, camping gear, bicycles). As well as support for communities and projects that the rangers are passionate about. 

We are conservationists and can’t sit back while our rangers fight an uphill battle on their own. We all want to be able to visit nature and show our children, grandchildren, friends and family our natural heritage, which include not only bugs, plants, rivers and oceans, but also the wildlife associated to it. But, if we equip our rangers much better to fight the battle on our behalf, we can all share in this heritage with pride.

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Pat Green
Carlos Lizardi
Seeing the hard work you do in the field, makes me proud of what you do for country and nature. Keep up the great job!
well done all rangers great job!!!
So much respect for those who put their lives on the line each and everyday all to protect our wildlife.
What a good initiative...