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Community Keepers NPC

Community Keepers, was founded in 2008 to specifically offer free professional psychological and social services to children, their teachers and parents.

We believe that ‘You cannot teach a traumatized child’. We set up school-based offices (usually modified from an unused classroom) from where services are delivered, full time, by our social workers, psychologists (clinical and educational), and registered counsellors. We have 41 staff members who are professionally qualified and registered.

Our school-based offices are open Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 15:30 and the following services are delivered: assessments, counselling and therapy; life skills programmes; teacher development; and parenting programmes. To date, thousands of children, as well as their teachers and parents/guardians have benefitted from our professional services which have led to various positive outcomes, including improved behaviour and better academic performance. We currently have 21 school-based therapy offices in Stellenbosch and Cape Town. We aim to have 100 offices nationwide by 2025.

We provide a safe space and access to caring professionals at schools in marginalized communities and  deliver psychological and social services to disadvantaged children to assist them to build trusting relationships, cope with stress and make positive life choices. We also involve parents and teachers in this process and thereby empower them to be more effective in their roles towards these children to ultimately secure a positive future for them. Our ultimate aim is to scale our services and make them available to as many children, teachers and parents in the Western Cape and the rest of South Africa.

In a country with a 60% school drop-out rate, we do what we can to keep children in schools by providing them with the necessary support and intervention so that they can focus on their academics. We also work closely with Child Welfare, ACVV and other organisations, as well as the Department of Social Development, to provide a network of support that extends beyond the school and into the homes of affected children.


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