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Have you ever been faced with a medical emergency – affecting yourself, a family member, friend or colleague in need of urgent medical attention?

It can be an extremely stressful situation to be in, not knowing what to do or who to call. Quick and decisive action could save your own life, or that of someone close to you, or even that of a total stranger.

Community Medics, a volunteer emergency medical response organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. With a 20 year track record, we are able to provide exactly that quick and decisive response that could mean the difference between life and death for any person in need.

Community Medics service a large number of calls to underprivileged patients within Cape Town and it’s surrounding areas who are without medical aid and often have to wait extended periods of time due to the government services being over burdened. We are able to respond and stabilise patients prior to an ambulance arriving.

However, as a volunteer organization, receiving no outside funding, Community Medics relies solely on corporate partnerships, sponsorships, donations and community support to continue the much needed and worthwhile work they have become known for.

Community Medics are therefore seeking from you and your business, the opportunity to donate to our organisation and be a part of saving and prolonging the lives of those in need, thus allowing us to continue, and further develop our ability to provide ongoing emergency medical support to all members of the community. 

We are appealing to YOU to help us fund:  
  • The purchase of essential lifesaving equipment for all our response vehicles
  • Full time dispatchers at our control centre
  • Regular maintenance for our response vehicles
  • Upkeep and maintenance for our equipment
  • Continual First Aid training for members of the community who live in low income areas

If you are in a position that you are able to contribute even the smallest amount, we would be forever grateful!

PBO: 930 029 619 / NPO: 200 177 / Community Medics Trust, IT 3926/2007 

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Thanks for all the hard work!
Thanks for all the hard work!
Thanks for all the hard work!
Thanks for all the hard work!
Thanks for all the hard work!
Glenda Maguire
Thank you
Keep up the fantastic work.
Thanks for all the hard work!
Thank you for your professional, efficient and invaluable service to the community!

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