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Good day! My name is Corne Gierke. My family is in trouble, and I would appreciate your help a lot.

I was retrenched at the beginning of September 2022 from my position as operational manager (16.2) for an industrial flooring company, and since then everything has been in a downward spiral.  The person I worked for was not honest, and I got schemed out of portions of my retrenchment package. I started looking for work, and in the months following, I soon realized that I was going to go under if I didn't do something quickly. We worked so hard to get somewhere in life, my wife and I, and we bought our home at that point only a year earlier. So I decided to start my own business doing polyurethane and epoxy flooring. I used the money I had to register the business, sold the car I had, and bought an old diesel bakkie to work with. I spent a lot of time doing advertising on social media and canvassing for work. In the first month or two, I gave around 12 quotes, which would have saved us, but I did not get the work because I have a startup company and no one wanted to take the risk. For the first five jobs, I was going to use one of the three teams that was also retrenched, but I soon found out that they were still doing subcontractor work for my old employer, and they subsequently stole my work and took it to him. But things kept going wrong as I started to have less and less funds to conduct my business, to the point where I now have absolutely no money to put diesel in my bakkie to go out and look for clients.

We are now 4 months in arrears on our bond, and we are going to lose our home soon. There was also other debt we had at the bank, which I am trying hard to make payment arrangements for, but Standard Bank doesn't want to assist us because I am unemployed. My daughter is 15 years old and in Randburg High, and my son is 12 and in Lantern Intermediate School because he has special needs.

I am a very hard-working professional, and I have done a lot for my community in the past. I was appointed as the head of the Move One Million campaign in Krugersdorp, and we were volunteers that cleaned up the town streets and vacant buildings and supplied meals to the poor and homeless. I started the initiative to restore the old Bob Van Reenen Stadium in Krugersdorp, and I was also on the front page of the local newspaper at the time. But I had to let that go because of my situation.

I need to pay the arrears on our bond to save our home and also put money into the business to be able to look for work. I just need a break, please. I have sold everything I had to sell so far to keep the wheels from coming off. I am willing to take on a partner or even sell shares in this business, but I am not sure yet how it works as I am learning to run a business now only, and it is very overwhelming at times. But I know that if I keep on trying, I will not only get this business going but also build it into a formidable entity that will provide employment to many other breadwinners in time. If not this, I would highly appreciate employment or being able to do your floors for you if you have the need for high-performance polyurethane flooring. The name of my start-up company is ACG National PTY Ltd. My cell number is 072 257 9425.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you will be able to help us, and may God bless you even if you can't.

Kind regards
Corne; Marelieze; Mone and Alexander Gierke

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