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Hi, my name is Cornia.

I am a single mother of three, working a full time job, and I am raising the most wonderful children.  They are far from perfects, but whom of us are.  They are well mannered and steal everyone's hearts.  Their names are Marianette (10), Philip (8) and Nicolise (4).  

Our journey might be too long to type here, but I would do my utmost to share as much as I can.  

My husband was not an honest man, and committed fraud amongst other things. He was sentenced in 2020.  I have been trying to raise my children on a single salary since before then, I have had a lot of angels assisting me along the way.

I have however not been able to pay my children's school fees.  I apply every year for lowered fees,  and have received the blessing of this request being approved.  However, I do not get complete discount and have been unable to pay for the last two years. 

My youngest daughter is now starting school this year, and I will not be able to apply for her school fees to be discounted because she is in Grade RR, and this application can only be submitted for Grade 1 and up.  She has not been in pre-primary because I could not afford it.  This year however, it is important for her future to start school, as she did not learn basic things, like for example,  cutting with scissors. 

Please please help Nicolise, as she desperately needs to go to school.  I believe it is every child's right to have an education, and I do not believe that she should suffer the consequences of her dad's actions.  

Philip and Marianette also has outstanding school fee bills, and as mentioned above, it has been outstanding for the last two years.  I have at time felt like loosing hope.  The constant struggle to make sure I have petrol to take them to school, to buy bread, and pay the rent has been very difficult.  

Please help me, to help my children.  All the funds will go directly into the school account.  I will send you the updated statement if you request it. 

Thank you for your heart, I know that if you are here, you are here to bless those in need. 

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