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Mike Peel Back a Buddy Campaign

In October 2022, our beloved Mike Peel fell ill and began a journey that has tested his strength and resilience.

He battled through treatments in Kokstad until January 2023, where he met Dr. Cullus, who conducted a crucial kidney biopsy. Subsequently, Mike was referred to a specialist at Greys for a bone marrow biopsy and later to Albert Luthuli for extensive tests. In June, the doctors diagnosed him with amyloidosis, and since then, he has bravely started chemotherapy.

Mike's fight is far from over; he still faces 12 challenging chemo sessions. If the treatment proves successful, there's hope for a stem cell transplant that could change his life.

Sadly, due to his illness, Mike has lost his job, and his only income is retrenchment pay, which will end in December. This situation has placed a significant financial burden on him and his family. That's why we've created this crowdfunding page. We're reaching out to you, our extended family and friends, to lend a helping hand.

The funds raised will be used for essential expenses such as transportation and accommodation for Mike's hospital visits. Additionally, they will cover unforeseen costs arising from this challenging period, ensuring that Mike receives the care he needs without any financial worries.

Your support, no matter how small, will make a world of difference. Please contribute what you can and share this campaign with your networks. Every donation, every share, brings us one step closer to easing Mike's burden and giving him the strength to continue his fight against amyloidosis.

On behalf of Mike and his family, we express our deepest gratitude for your generosity. Your kindness will not be forgotten and will forever be etched in our hearts.

With heartfelt thanks,

Donor Messages

Hang in there, you're doing good.
Leone Strydom Enslin
Sterkte Mike, Trixie en familie ♥
Lee Dorning
Keep believing , keep fighting😊

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Leone Strydom Enslin donated R 1 000 via Mike Peel Back a Buddy
11 Nov 2023 R 1 000
Anonymous donated R 200 via Mike Peel Back a Buddy
10 Nov 2023 R 200
Lee Dorning donated R 200 via Mike Peel Back a Buddy
10 Nov 2023 R 200