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Cheetah Preservation Foundation

We are changing lives in almost all aspects of our civilization, empowering people and raising awareness! 

The Cheetah Preservation Foundation was founded in 1988, with the principal aim of ensuring the survival of the cheetah and other endangered species, as well as educating our visitors about the plight of the these animals.

The Cheetah - one of the world’s most fascinating and beautiful cats, is in danger. Highly specialised, the cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth, achieving an incredible top speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Sadly, this ability which is used for hunting has placed the cheetah in direct conflict with man. In order to achieve these high speeds, the cheetah requires open flat land – the same land man requires for agriculture. This loss of habitat, linked to low reproductive success caused by poor gene diversity, has reduced cheetah numbers to less than 10 000 worldwide.

Our mission: “To promote and fund the conservation of cheetah and other endangered species through captive breeding, research and public awareness.”

Please let me know what steps need to be taken to get listed as 1 of your causes? We daily make a difference in the lives of children, especially, offering guided tours where we tach them about the animals in danger, those close to extinction and the role human’s play in this regard.

As a proud conservation and education facility we receive no government funding, which is an enormous challenge with the overheads that we face. People seldom comprehend with the massive costs that we face on a daily basis. Our facility is owned by a family, and receives no government financial aid/funding as a zoological premises.

Every day we are faced with exorbitant running costs of maintenance, water, electricity, etc… in addition our primary focus is to ensure that all the animals receive the highest standard medical attention and a calculated varied diet (species-specific) good enough for any human to eat. Our standards are exceptionally high and it all comes at a cost, as do the many hours of labour put in by our over 100 dedicated and animal-loving staff.  Some months are good for us… but unfortunately some months are not as kind, however, we continue to work hard to provide the best for our animals and our tourists.

We receive very few sponsorships and donations in general, but are always grateful for the help that we do receive. We have built our own on-site Animal Care Centre (hospital) which is of massive assistance to us, and the animals.


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Donor Messages

Lyanne Torres
Great job Delano and may the rise of the Vulture Culture continue!
Well done Delano
Andrew Eriksen
Good luck Delano & well done team!
Vultures are the best and need to be protected! great initiative people!
Miss Tooty Fruity
Go Delano. Say 'bye to the vultures from me, I remember making and retrieving their 'book' back in 2015. Much maligned creatures who prevent disease.
Emma P
Go Delano!
Joy Davy
Still cherish our time at the ranch. ??
Amazing birds!

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