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Lilyhaven Old Age Home

The CPOA is a registered NPO and has been taking care of elderly people for 65 years. The CPOA manages various retirement homes in the Western Cape, some of which are upmarket and some of which cater for indigent people.

Lilyhaven, in Bonteheuwel Cape Town, is one of the CPOA homes for elderly people without independant means. We provide care for 124 residents, all who are unable to care for themselves and are dependant on State Pensions. The CPOA subsidises the shortfall in accomodation and care costs but this does mean that we don't have funds available for projects that will benefit our residents.

We are currently experienceing a devistating drought in the Western Cape and this has made us very aware of how fragile our situation is and how dependant we are on elements beyond our control.

The goal for Lilyhaven and the reason for this funding request is to make us less dependant on the City Of Cape Town for water and electricity.

Our wishlist therefore includes Rain Water Collection tanks, a functioning grey water system and a solar power system. One of the spin-offs of this will be a food garden where we can grow fresh vegetables for our residents as well as make the environment prettier.   

We also need funding for pathways through the sand and paving for the Frail Care Courtyard. Out kitchen, where we produce three meals a day for 124 residents and 50 staff, also needs a full makeover.                     

Our funding goal is R 1 000 000 and every contribution, no matter how small or large, will be appreciated.