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Hope for Bashni Naicker Family Campaign

Dear Big Hearted, South Africans


I am Mrs Crissy Singh a family member to the affected Naicker family.

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you with a heavy heart and a humble request for assistance. Recently, Bashni Naicker a single mum and her children experienced an unimaginable tragedy when the family house was engulfed in a devastating fire, resulting in the loss of everything they owned. They are now left homeless and in desperate need of help to rebuild their lives, the kids are about to go back to school. They are living in different homes with other people.

The fire not only destroyed their physical belongings but also shattered their sense of security and stability. As a result, they find themselves facing an overwhelming challenge to find a new place to live and replace the essentials required for daily life. The emotional toll on the family, especially the children, is immeasurable, and we are all struggling to cope with this sudden and drastic change in our circumstances. She needs money to restore her home so they at least can have their home back.

In this time of profound crisis, they are reaching out to compassionate individuals and organizations like yours, who understand the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need. They are seeking financial assistance to secure temporary shelter, obtain basic necessities such as clothing, furniture, and household items, and start the long and arduous process of rebuilding their home and lives.

We hope and pray that you can help with any form in financial assistance that you are able to.


May God Bless your Hearts.


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R 500 000.00

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R 1 000.00

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I’m so sorry for this families awful loss. May God Bless them with a new home and all their essentials as soo as possible 🙏

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