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My name is Dakalo Nefale. I am a 24 year old female from a small village called Duthuni found in South Africa in a Limpopo. I have 5 siblings and I was raised by a single mother who is unemployed and only depends on child social grant. Growing up was hard and even though when it comes to making a decision on whether to buy a study guide or any study material, the choice that always won was buying basic things like food, I have learnt to strive and become a best student without all the equipment to help me get better results. I've learnt that being poor isn't something that should stop me from Achieving my goals. I am the first one in my family to get the opportunity to go to university. This is a greatest milestone in my life. I need help with registration fee as it is going to make me be able to register on Time and study what I want. I have got a final offer to come and study Actuarial Sciences at the university of Free State. This opportunity is going to change my life and I believe that it is going to change other people in my life too. It is going to make me achieve my goals of starting the journey of wanting to become an actuary. It is going to gave me the confidence to go out there and inspire other hopeless kids in my village to stand up and try to reach even higher. It is going to make me expand the way I think and I believe that this will lead me to reach a point where I will be financially stable one day and be able to give back to the community and touch someone's life and make them reach their goal too.
I am someone who likes to help my community. I volunteer to community engagement programmes and I even help kids in my village with mathematics and other homeworks and assignments that they are struggling with.
I work hard and try to stay positive. I read a lot, about different topics and I believe that we find knowledge everywhere we go and we need to share it to make the world a better place.


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