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Claudettes Smile Fund Campaign

Meet my friend Claudette, we’ve been close friends for several years. This resilient soul who has faced a lifelong battle with dental challenges, due to a hereditary condition that predisposes her to weak/brittle teeth, abscess, root canals and extraction of teeth that can’t be saved. 

Last year, I felt stirred through deep compassion to approach her about organising a fundraiser to support her in covering the costs of her dental procedures. She was definitely open to it despite how vulnerable she may feel letting me share her story.
Through the years dentists have always done their best to provide temporary solutions. Now, she is facing another dental challenge. She sought the expertise of a specialist to comprehensively address her dental concerns.

The recommended operation, a life-changing procedure, comes at a cost – a significant one of one hundred and sixty-five thousand Rand. Because the need for this process has become time sensitive and urgent, Claudette does not have the luxury of time to first save up for it. The consensus is that the most viable solution, for the time being, involves taking out a loan to address the immediate expense.
This is where your support becomes vital! To help Claudette retire this loan, I earnestly ask your help in covering this cost. Whether your contribution is as modest as R50 or any amount you feel moved to give, it would be received with deep gratitude!

Phase 1: Is a 3 month timeline and in layman's terms, the procedure entails; removal of all the upper and lower remaining teeth. Place 4 implants in the upper jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw. She will then receive new full upper and lower dentures that will be worn for 3 months (healing period). Thereafter, the same dentures will be used to reline to the upper and lower implants. 

In future it will be possible to change the "temporary prosthesis/dentures" to a possible fixed prosthesis”. This isn't just about a smile; it's about granting Claudette a life free from perpetual discomfort and dental issues. Join me!

If Claudette's journey resonates with you, please donate today. Every contribution, no matter how small, transforms her future and makes a lasting impact on her life.
With heartfelt gratitude and hope.


Fundraising target

R 176 550.00

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R 4 729.88

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Dear Claudette. I'm holding a flame of hope burning! Embracing with you the longing for relief from this.

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