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Get Daniella To Solvenia Nationals Campaign

My name is Daniella Stephanie Fourie and I'm a 22 year old IBFF Fitness Model Bikini Bodybuilder.

Since starting my journey at the beginning of the year, it has been a dream for me to work my way up to becoming the strongest and best version of myself.
It has been a DREAM COME TRUE to be invited to represent South Africa at IBFF World Championships in Koper Solveria on the 21st Of October 2023 in my first year competing.

My bodybuilding achievements are as follows:
PCA ( First show)
10 June 2023 - 5th Toned Bikini PCA

IBFF Cape Classic Regionals ( 2nd Show)
29 July 2023 - 1st Fitness Model U/168
29 July 2023 - 3rd Toned bikini

IBFF Africa Cup Nationals (3rd Show)
16 Sept 2023 - 2nd Fitness Model U/168

My fitness journey started in the beginning of 2022, I started off wanting to just get fitter and improve my diet and be healthier.
I used to be lost and weighed almost 10kgs heavier, I changed my view and outlook on life and decided to challenge myself and take on bodybuilding the beginning of 2023 to see just how far dedication, commitment and hard work could take me. I wanted to push my body past its limits and become the best version of myself giving 100% everyday.
I want to inspire and motivate others and show anyone that no matter what has happened or what life puts you though - if you focus and put your mind to it - anything is possible!
This is my first year competing and I have given it my all and surprised myself with how quickly things are moving up for me and how much I have discovered about myself as a person. Bodybuilding has given me a new sense of purpose and passion and I have developed an incredible love for this sport. I am studying Personal training in October to qualify as a trainer in the future and help other people find themselves and to take my love for fitness to the next level!

I feel this is an incredible opportunity to build my fitness career and that it will open many doors to my future.

If you are able to and feeling generous in making this dream become a reality, please assist in donations or sponsoring no matter how small to help me represent my country in Solveria. All costs need to be covered by the athlete and the trip is an estimate of R35 000.
These costs include flights, accommodation, VISAs, registration, tan, hair and makeup and extras.

Being able to compete at this prestigious event in my first year would mean so much to me and any help, support or assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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R 35 000.00

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