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Lulu Vet Surgery Campaign

Hi Sweet humans far and wide. Calling for your help please.

We adopted our little Lulu just over 3 months ago. She’s been a warrior dog for the 6 years she’s been alive, running the streets. She was only spayed when the SPCA picked her up so she’s had it real tough and had many a pup.

Just over a month ago she started bleeding (not normal for a spayed female pup). She’s had various undiagnosable vet visits over the last few weeks which lead us to a specialist this morning. They did an ultrasound which found a 3cm unidentified mass in her pelvis, super close to her bladder, and she needs urgent specialist surgery due the nature of where it’s situated.

She hasn’t been with us for very long but she is incredibly loved and loving and fully integrated into our little home. If you have the means to donate anything at all towards her procedure in any way please support this campaign or get in touch.

She will repay you in kisses and cuddles to the end of time and honestly so would the rest of us.

We would be so grateful if you could share this message.

With Love Dani, Matti & Lulu


Fundraising target

R 22 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

Donor Messages

You and your fur family are so loved
Taco & Xontho
You got this Lulu
Good luck Lulu, speedy recovery
Common Lu you got this girl❤️
Thank you for you 🙏🏼
💜 Lulu 💜
Good luck little girlie.

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Anonymous donated R 1 000 via Lulu Vet Surgery
11 Nov 2023 R 1 000
Taco & Xontho donated R 500 via Lulu Vet Surgery
07 Nov 2023 R 500
Tara donated R 500 via Lulu Vet Surgery
06 Nov 2023 R 500
Nichole donated US $ 30 via Lulu Vet Surgery
05 Nov 2023 US $ 30
Anonymous donated US $ 12 via Lulu Vet Surgery
04 Nov 2023 US $ 12