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Goodday all.

My name is Danielle Booysen and I am 22 years of age.I have been fighting cancer for the past 18 years.Hodgkings Lymphoma a form of lymph node cancer that attacks your immune system and Leukemia a form of blood cancer.
This has placed a great amount of stress on my family as cancer is an extremely financially draining illness.I am currently unemployed and my parents can't afford the pilling medical bills due to my father getting the minimum wage and my mother is unemployed.
Doctors have given up all hope but I refuse to give up and trust and pray that I will recover.I need your help to raise funds in order to pay these bills as well as receive the necessary treatment.
The most important need I currently have is new spectacles as mine is already 4 years old and I can't afford to pay the R7000 needed for my spectacles.
I have a very complex diet and I am not always able to afford to buy what I need therefore it compromises my immune system even more.
I am the beneficiary and I have tried a lot of methods to raise money but it is very difficult as the economy does not allow for people to constantly be able to provide in the necessary needs.
I will be able to pay off all the debts of the hospital as well as use the funds for necessary needs and groceries.We currently live with a lot of people and the circumstances make it extremely difficult to stay healthy.I am a fighter but it is very difficult at home.

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