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I used to be one of those parents who believed that shielding children from the pressures of national competitions was the key to their happiness. The stress and anxiety I observed in young competitors reinforced my conviction. Our family mantra was simple: give your best, enjoy the process, and let the results unfold naturally. Little did I know that this philosophy would be put to the test in the most unexpected way, not with one child, but with all three! Let me share the transformative tales of each of my remarkable kids.

Gabriella's story:

Gabriella's passion for ballet was undeniable from the age of 4. However, it became evident that her true spirit was that of a funky young lady. Switching to Studio 8, a haven for diverse dance genres, proved to be the catalyst for her blossoming. The decision to participate in Talent Africa last year was met with my initial hesitation. Yet, watching her emerge from each class with a radiant glow was all the confirmation I needed. Her journey through Talent Africa Regionals, Eisteddfod, and Talent Africa Nationals resulted in high silvers, silvers, and gold. Qualifying to represent South Africa in the Stars of the Universe Competition was the unexpected cherry on top earning her 2 silvers. Gabriella's infectious joy and unwavering enthusiasm taught me that it's not about the results but the sheer pleasure derived from the journey.  She dreams of reaching Mediterranean Legends in Spain 2025 .

Theodore's story:

Theodore has also been one who loves dancing. He started with hip hop at the tender age of 5. Entering grade 1, he decided he would transition to "big kids" sports like hockey, rugby, or soccer. However, fate had other plans. In April this year, when Gabriella was at one of her practices, while I was sitting and working, this child slipped into his sister's dance class. Theodore found himself captivated by the rhythm and energy of the studio. Without hesitation, he joined his sister on the Talent Africa journey, opting for group performances. To our amazement, he excelled, earning high silver, silver, and gold recognitions in various competitions. Theodore's focus wasn't on the awards; instead, he reveled in the sheer joy of dance. Qualifying for the Stars of the Universe, representing SA and taking home a gold fueled his enthusiam. Theodore's dream isn't confined to trophies or accolades; it's the pure love of movement that motivates him. Eager to repeat the journey, he envisions adding a solo performance this year. His aspirations extend to dreams of participating in the Mediterranean Legends in 2025. Theodore's unexpected dance journey serves as a reminder that passion can lead us down uncharted and fulfilling paths, bringing joy and fulfillment beyond our initial expectations.

Kayden's story:

Kayden's story, marked by resilience and newfound courage, stands out in its uniqueness. An adventurous spirit dreaming of skiing in a snowless country, he enrolled in a lifesaving club at the age of 9. Overcoming years of bullying, Kayden's journey to confidence was a gradual process that we supported. This year, we gently encouraged him to try a gala, and the transformation was nothing short of remarkable. From tears and meltdowns, Kayden emerged victorious in open-water galas, securing second and third positions in all his events. The unexpected highlight? Qualifying for the South African champs. Witnessing Kayden evolve from a shy individual to an outgoing boy delivering speeches on lifesaving is a testament to the power of overcoming fears. His anticipation for the week-long SA champs, where he embraces the challenge with enthusiasm, is a triumph in itself. His newfound attitude, driven by a desire to try rather than fear of failure, is a valuable lesson for us all.

Why Your Support Matters:

As parents, witnessing our children's passion unfold, we face financial challenges associated with travel, accommodation, event fees, and coaching

How You Can Make a Difference:

We invite you to join hands with us in making a lasting impact on these young lives. Your contribution will directly cover travel expenses, accommodation, event fees, spectator fees, equipment, and coaching fees for 2024—ensuring that financial barriers do not obstruct their path to success


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R 40 000.00

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R 3 100.00

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Elize Steynberg
Proud of you. Be witnesses for Jesus wherever He takes you on this journey!
Bertus and Nadine
Super proud of these kids. Love Bertus and Nadine
Uncle Bob and Aunty Dawn
Best of luck Kayden, Gabi and Theodore.
We love you guys!! So proud of you all! Sending love from Malawi!
Standing in faith with you guys! Hope the kids flourish in each of their areas!
Keep on pursuing your God-given Talents

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