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Escaping an abusive home Campaign


I am reaching out to you with a heavy heart and a desperate plea for help. My name is Da’rrell, a 20-year-old who has been grappling with a tumultuous home environment for far too long. Unfortunately, my journey has been marred by abusive parents, exacerbating my struggles with mental health.

Despite my earnest efforts, securing employment has proven challenging, leaving me trapped in an environment that has taken a severe toll on my well-being. I wasn’t able to complete my final year of high school due to mental health issues, a direct result of the abuse I’ve endured since childhood.

My parents, rather than offering support, choose to gaslight me about my mental health, making it even more difficult to escape this cycle of pain. Treatment-resistant to medications, I find myself grappling with depression and suicidal thoughts daily, desperately needing a way out.

I’ve created this campaign in the hopes of raising enough funds to break free from this toxic environment, allowing me to rebuild my life independently. Your support could be the lifeline I need to secure a safe place to stay, access mental health resources, and eventually pursue my education and career goals.

Any contribution, big or small, will make a significant impact on my journey toward healing and independence. I am immensely grateful for your consideration and support during this critical time. Please share my story and help me take the first steps towards a brighter and healthier future.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope in my life.


Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

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