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David Butler Support Cause

Our father, the well-known and beloved actor, David Butler, is extremely ill. Our family has been through so much loss and, as his daughter, Annie, said: “I can’t miss another person”. Our brother, John Peter, died in 2011, and Dad has never recovered from this tragedy. But it is not yet his time to join John Peter. We still need him here with us.

Donor Messages

Tim Wells
Small contribution with best thoughts and wishes
Our blessings, strength and love are with you David!
Anthony Akerman
Happy birthday.
Nicky Rebelo
Happy birthday David. Looking forward to having a celebratory drink with you when you're back to full strength.
Michelle B
Reflecting on you as only light and perfectly well David. X
Nikki Skye Allen

Happy Birthday David!

Gary Huck
For Ruby
Tammin and Carl
Break a leg!
Carolyn Steyn
Thank you Alistair Findlay for donating a wonderful watercolour painting to assist with David’s medical costs.

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04 Mar 2021 USD $ 35
02 Mar 2021 R 212
01 Mar 2021 R 400
22 Feb 2021 USD $ 68
18 Feb 2021 R 1 000