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David and Frances Marks Support Cause

David and Frances Marks have dedicated their lives to South African music. Together they have largely self-funded the archiving of almost 50 years of South Africa’s music heritage. This has been a challenge at the best of times – but now they face their biggest challenge yet.   Fran has been diagnosed with dementia and at present the medical bills and treatment is unaffordable for them. In order to take care of her, she had to be moved into a frail care facility.

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Donor Messages

Manfred and Dorit Green
Thanks for all your great contributions to South African music
Tune Me What
Thanks for giving us the gift of history.
Howard Lazarus
Thank you for the music guys...
For Frances, David and the archives of love they share
Thanks for the support, Dave.
Tune Me What?
From the crew at
With love and respect from Matthew
Ang & Tyler
Thank you for all you gave
Love to you both and thank you