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Ingrid Liberté is one of the most self-less caring people I know. She has dedicated her life to running a rescue home-from-home for Australia Shepherds, in Rustenberg, South Africa. Ingrid's dream has partially manifested itself, as she rents a farm for all her Aussies. Ingrid and the Aussies need to be assured that they can stay in their safe secure space they've created. This will allow her to focus on taking care of them, finding good homes for those that can be rehomed, and doing the fund-raising for everything else. The farm is their foundation and security.

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Donor Messages

Dawn P
May we raise your rent monies in a jiffy
Thanks for looking after yourself, your friends and the Aussies.
Liza King
Mamy hands make light work ????
Supporting the Aussies
Dawn P
May many others commit to R100 per month for 6 months