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Operation Senzokuhle Campaign

I am Dean James and I want to raise these funds to assist my team member Nompumelo Mhlongo with her son's medical dilemma. Senzokuhle (14) was involved in a drive-by shooting and was shot 5 times in the stomach last year in Oct. Senzokuhle's friend who was with him did not survive unfortunately. Senzokuhle now lives with a colostomy. 

Nompumelo Mhlongo has no medical aid and so she had to make use of a sate hospital but the waiting period is too long. Senzokuhle is 14 years old, we believe that we can raise the funds to assist him and his mom to get this removed in a private facility 

All funds will be used solely for the operation and whatever else may be required by the medical institution. All funds will also be deposited directly into the corporate bank account for transparency

The impact of reaching this target will mean the world to this young boy who has his entire life ahead of him. His self confidence will grow tenfold!


Fundraising target

R 80 000.00

Donations to date

R 46 137.14

Donor Messages

Cherie Heather
Strength to all on this journey of recovery and hope 🙏
I am so sorry for this situation: Please follow Nnamolele Mopeli on FB He has a similar story and can provide lots of inspiration
I pray that all donations go the right place and God will bless the recipient and donars. Amen
Debbie Dooley
Use those wounds as inspiration to live your best life. You survived for a reason
Good luck
Lauren Batista
No teenager should have to go through this. Your Mom has amazing colleagues! Good Luck and make the rest of your life the best of your life !
Wishing you a full and speedy recovery Senzokuhle.

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Anonymous donated US $ 11 via Operation Senzokuhle
27 Sep 2023 US $ 11
Cherie Heather donated US $ 50 via Operation Senzokuhle
21 Sep 2023 US $ 50
Thérèse donated R 250 via Operation Senzokuhle
20 Sep 2023 R 250
Debbie Dooley donated R 5 000 via Operation Senzokuhle
20 Sep 2023 R 5 000
Lauren Batista donated R 100 via Operation Senzokuhle
18 Sep 2023 R 100