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I was kicked out my family home Campaign

This happened Saturday night, I had my friend over ,his girlfriend and mine, my friend and his girlfriend where supposed to sleep over, and my girlfriend was going home, we had a busy and fun day so we decided to relax and cuddle, my gran walks in screaming at me and my friends, say why we ontop of each other, (mean while we were just cuddling),and when were my friends going home, I told her in a calm voice, that I already spoke to my mother about the sleep over, and the arrangements, then she leaves calling my girlfriend and my friends girlfriend sluts, so I stood up and went and asked her to please not call them sluts, and to say sorry then to the girls, thats when she got in my face and started screaming at me, saying they are sluts and other things, I raised my voice still asking her not to call them such words, and asking her to please say sorry, then she threw her hot coffee in my face, and starts to turn around and walk away, as the hot coffee hits my face I jolted push her, out of reflex, and she fell I quickly ran to get cold water on my face, and contact my mother to tell her what happened, then she told me to tell my friends and me to be out the house in 20 minutes, I then called my uncle in hops he could help me, but he just said I'm lucky his not there or he would of beat me to death, so I grabbed all my clothes that I could, and left the house, as I was waiting on a bolt, to pick me up my mother arrives home and her new fiancee immediately goes for me, and hits me with a fist across the face, a couple of times, then my mother said I must leave and never come back, I'm currently at a friend's house but I need money to get rent for 2 months, till I can get a stable job, so I'd appreciate it if you could help....thank you


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