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Peter Dean Retirement Cause

I am Peter Dean, owner of Rawdons Hotel in the Midlands and we are fundraising for George who has been a valued employee at the hotel for 60 years.

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Donor Messages

Peter & Sue Dean
We are always there for you George
The Evans Family
Thank you George for your excellent service over the years, for always greeting our family with warm smiles and sincerity. We wish you a happy retirement - you will be missed!
Hibbs Family
Cheers to a very good man and a happy retirement!
Thanks for the warm welcomes and hugs . We will miss you
Chris Black
Enjoy your retirement, George. I shall always remember you as you always managed to remember me, and everyone else who passed through your doors at Rawdons!
Phillipa Cooke
Wishing you a happy and peaceful retirement
Rich H
All the best!
Robyn and Allen B├ęchard
We will miss you George, enjoy your retirement!!!
Wesley Narainen
We are Proud of You Uncle George

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17 Oct 2019 R 514
13 Oct 2019 USD 36
12 Oct 2019 USD 14