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Debbie Potgieter Sister Cause

My name is Debbie Potgieter and I live in the Western Cape. I am hoping to gather funds for my sister who is a victim of severe domestic abuse. Apart from helping her rebuild her life, I want to start helping other women to rebuild after making the brave decision to get help and get out.

To contribute, please select the project below and then the donate button next to the barometer…

Donor Messages

Marielle Ford
Onwards and upwards. Keep the faith. You are valued.
Soot & Tone
Stay strong and remember that we love you xx
Kathy & Karl
To new beginnings...stay strong, love & light xoxo
Lots of prayers with you
Good luck for new beginning. Stay strong. xx
God will make a way for you!
Our thoughts and prayers are with you
Wishing you a happier future!
Maki Chase
You are brave to leave. Promise us that you will not go back. Be very selective when you choose your nexYou deserve to be loved once this strom is There are good men out there, but choose carefully