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School finds raising Campaign

Good afternoon to who it may concern

I hope this message find you well.
I'm Gerard Delou Luwawu married to Elizabeth Luwawu father of 2boys first boy will be 4years old of this month,the second will be 2yrs old next month.the Funds it for my third year Bible College at Charis Bible College Capetown plus DTP (director training program).
I'm doing the Funds raising because I'm not working as a family we got only one income which can't sustain us (only my wife who is working at the moment and the first boy must start the school next month plus the rent it too tight for me to pay my school fees .The yearly fees it R18000 ,The DTP (director training program)extra R350 per month, monthly payment for the school fees it R2000,per term it R6000 the rest I can use it for traveling.
The funds will allow me to finish my preparation time to step to God's call for my life after I discovered my purpose for my life and know I'm poursing it to live it .As I been and I will be well equipe I will be able to go and do what I was called to do and transforming lives around the world through the true Gospel.

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