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Help us put shoes on the feet of those who need them most. Your donation will provide comfort, protection, and dignity to those facing adversity. Every step counts. Donate now!

Chefs work for nearly 16 hours per shift and many don’t have the proper gear to get them through the day, not having the correct foot gear sets you back, as well as arises safety concerns that shouldn’t be thought or experienced on a daily. A pair of kitchen shoes has the power to uplift a chefs attitude and work ethic. 

Please show support as we make it our goal to improve one chefs day at a time. 

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Fundraising target

R 3 000.00

Donations to date

R 300.00

Donor Messages

This is an amazing cause...I feel honoured to be part of it! All the best!!!

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Anonymous donated R 200 via Steps onward
29 Oct 2023 R 200
Keanen donated R 100 via Steps onward
29 Oct 2023 R 100