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Good day All

My name is Dhanusha, i am writing for help. I had a beautiful life with no worries or any financial problems. In the year 2021 i suddenly lost my spouse which we did not for see happen as he was a healthy person. I had to change my life in a blink of an eye, in which i had to move places as we did not have family were we were living. Having to have moved back home, i had to enroll both my children in new schools. With my husbands insurance i have managed this far to fund their education at a private institute which they have settled very well into. My son is going into Matric in the new year 2024, however due to unforeseen circumstances i have failed to pay the balance of his school fees for academic year 2023 (R30,000.00) making it impossible for him to continue with his matric and with this he is very upset. I have tried many different avenues to get the outstanding fees of R30,000.00 however i have failed badly. 

I am please seeking yours help to pay of y sons fees for this year for him to enter his matric in 2024. I urgently ask for all the help i can get. As for his fees in academic year 2024 i will cross that bridge when i get there but for now its all about his 2023 fees getting paid off.

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