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Dirisanang Mmoho Foundation Logo

Dirisanang Mmoho Foundation

Our NPO is Dirisanang Mmoho Foundation which means "Work together" and we work hand-in-hand with the Department of Social Development. The NPO is run by 5 youthful members who were all born in 1994.

As we are passionate about social development, we decided to help those less fortunate than us as we cannot solely rely on government. Curently we are running a sanitory towel drive (keep-a-girl-child-in-school) whereby we have 5 schools we are distributing sanitary towels to on a monthly basis.

But, sustainabilty has been difficult as we depend entirely on donations.

Secondly, our focus is also on clothes distribution of which we have 4 centres we donate clothes to. We are looking into venturing into educational talks as the 5 of us as members, are graduates in the Science, Economics, Nursing, Marketing and Accounting fields and therefore we believe we still have alot to give back to our community and province as a whole.


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