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1st time Mommy to be Campaign

Good friends of ours and newlyweds, amazing people have found themselves on hard times. 

They found out they are expecting their first child in November 2023 (Yay, sooo much excitement and happiness). On a high and excited to share the good news with family members over the holidays. They received bad news, wifey lost her job in December 2023. She has been unsuccessful in finding a new job as she is pregnant and will ultimately have to go on maternity leave in 5.5 months. (Chances of her finding work this year is very scares)

Hubby and father to be is employed full time but unfortunately his salary is JUST enough to cover monthly costs such as rent, food and medical aid. Unfortunately, such as all medical aid’s they don’t cover everything and it’s a struggle for him to cover the costs, but he usually put’s his head down and makes a plan. 

The reason for this campaign is, mommy to be, as excited as she is, can’t do all the special things a first time mom want’s to do for her child. 
She can’t go shopping for cute and adorable baby outfits, baby toys, teddies, diapers or any of the many things a first time mother wants to do. 
I want this campaign to give her that opportunity to go and buy the special gifts, clothing and most importantly equipment like a cot, changing table, car seat, stroller etc. that she wants and needs for the new addition that is arriving soon. 

They don’t know about this campaign, but I know they will really appreciate any and all help or dominations. 

Thank you for your time. 


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