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Disability info South Africa (DiSA) is a "Free One Stop Information Service “ that was developed for Persons with Disabilities and their families in South Africa, whom are looking for information that can help them to be better equipped to face the challenges of their circumstances and any related barriers presented by society. 

DiSA was started in 2015 by Alan Downey who is a C5 Quadriplegic as a result of a diving accident in 1994.

 “After 20 years of using a wheelchair, I realized in 2015 that there was a dire need for this type of free One Stop Information Service for Persons with Disabilities."

"Unlock The Shackles Of Your Disability Using The Key Of Knowledge" embodies our belief that knowledge is power and that, with the correct information at our fingertips, we are able to address some of the needs to make the lives of persons with disabilities that much easier.

Over the last 5 years, Alan has been providing this service largely free of charge with some assistance over the last 3 years from various Companies, Sports Clubs, Service Providers & Organizations who have supported us through advertising. 

In 2019 Alan Downey saw the need to expand DiSA and partnered with Igor Rix and Gregory Marks to register DiSA as an organization. In August 2019, Disability Info South Africa NPC was registered (Registration No: 2019/376416/08). In April 2020, DiSA applied for and is awaiting its NPO status to apply for funding and donations to increase their revenue. The anticipated funding will enable the employment of appropriate personnel to contribute to the growth of this service to assist more people in need.

With our current and new websites and Apps under development, as well as the support services and social media platforms that we provide, we aim to Inform, Identify, Address and Empower persons with disabilities, so as to remove the inequalities, discrimination and barriers that many persons with disabilities still face on a daily bases.

The DiSA service will ultimately consist of the following 4 sectors:

  • Inform - People of their rights and how to assist them via our ‘Info Desk’ which provides relevant and up to date information via our Website, Search Facility and Telephone, Email, Facebook and WhatsApp enquiry desk – Knowledge is Power!
  • Identify - Discrimination, Barriers to Access, Inequalities and Lack of Information via our “Yes To Access” (YTA) website and mobile application platform which identifies and reports physical, attitudinal and behavioural barriers to access in society. The incident data is then communicated to relevant role players and stakeholders – Yes To Access, It Is Your Right!
  • Address - the lack of equal rights for persons with disabilities via our Accessible Cities-SA (AC-SA). In collaboration with other NGO’s, NPO’s, government departments, companies and other interested parties, we aim to address the needs and break down these barriers of access, to make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities and to enable change – We Are Stronger Together!
  • Empower - all persons with disabilities to live life to their fullest potential via our DiSA’s News Network (DNN) which educates entertains and inspires via our Facebook Page, Facebook Group & future Blog, YouTube and Newsletter platforms – Destined to be more!

We do however require financial support to help us complete these current and new websites, Apps, support services and social media platforms to help remove the inequalities, discrimination and barriers that many persons with disabilities still face on a daily bases.

Through the support of BackaBuddy, we have set up a campaign to help raise funds to achieve these goals. Please click on the link below to make a donation and support us in our campaign to say Yes To Access!, so that we may break free of our shackles and claim our right to be part of a new inclusive and accessible South Africa. 

The Time has come to enable change. It is our right. We are stronger together!

Please feel free to visit Disability info South Africa if you require any further information or contact Alan Downey on the details below:

Office: 021 761 4831Mobile: 084 504 9176Email: [email protected] Website: DiSA Facebook  


Donations to date

R 200.00

Fundraising target

R 250 000.00

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Sue R.E
A wonderful concept backed up by an excellent site. Best wishes

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Sue R.E donated R 200 via Disability Info South Africa campaign
27 Dec 2020 R 200
Sue R.E donated R 200 via Disability Info South Africa campaign
27 Dec 2020 R 200